Niederhofer Enterprises, Inc is offering the industrial community new and proven better answers to their cleaning and maintenance problems.

Procedures are based on the utilization of completely biodegradable cleaners. They will not harm and will usually enhance the most sensitive waste water systems.

The solvents are regulated to give emulsified hydrocarbons back up to the surface in time for recovery at the skimmers or weir system. Crude oil and oil products may be emulsified indefinitely if total dissolution is desired. When the residency rate of the waste water becomes a problem the solvent mixture may be adjusted accordingly.

The following is a partial list and brief explanations of our cleaning services.


SPILL AND BLOWOUT CLEANUP - Quick and effective removal of hydrocarbons from the work area. Heavy oil, tar, bunker "C," rubber and waste products are quickly stripped and disposed of in such a way as to eliminate the use of expensive equipment and numerous personnel. The cleanup work is done at low pressure, leaving insulation, gauges and equipment intact. Most cleaning of this mature may be done with the equipment in line and operating Under normal conditions, ground work of this nature may be accomplished without moving other workers from the area. There are no irritants to necessitate evacuation of a large area.


CHEMICAL CLEANING OF WATER COOLED EQUIPMENT - Enviro-acids are highly buffered strong acids (hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric) with a PH of less than 1. They will destroy rust, scale and corrosion yet they are safe for human tissue & They have very low corrosion rates. Water jackets, plate coolers, exchanger bottles,, and most any other type of water cooled equipment is quickly cleaned without channeling and little or no mechanical cleaning. Gaskets are not harmed.


buffered acids and detergents break down and or emulsify undesirable gasses such as hydrogen suffide, benzene and toluene. They are effectively removed in an efficient, short time. Most often a vessel is sweetened or gas free before it is opened. The techniques we use cut many man hours and dollars from the project leaving wider windows for other endeavors. These are not the old ineffective methods still used by our competitors!


EXCHANGER SHELLS AND BUNDLES - Most hydrocarbons, short of coke, may be removed from exchanger shells prior to opening the vessel. Often, the tube bundle may be cleaned before it is pulled or the heads removed. Pulling a bundle from a shell where there have been leaking tubes routinely causes further damages. When the bundle is clean the time and effort usually expended in mechanical cleaning is eliminated or greatly reduced.


TURNAROUND PREPARATION - Troublesome areas and vessels are prepared for hot work, gasses are removed for entry permits, and equipment is cleaned for inspection and painting. The proper mixture and utilization of out processes, equipment, and chemicals will eliminate many man hours and shave major dollars from the turnaround budget.


TURNAROUND CLEANUP - The turnaround process inevitably leaves residue and messes in work areas, on piping, and in traffic areas. These are hazards and eyesores that cause accidents, fire, and attract negative attention. The inexpensive and timely removal of this type of aftermath adds to the effectiveness of the turnaround and enhances the work place.


LINE AND VESSEL STERILIZATION - Very often, the change of service or new construction necessitate the sterilization of lines and vessels bound for bacteria sensitive service. The detergents we utilize have been approved for the food industry as well as petro chemical equipment, even drinking water lines.


TANK CLEANING - The gargantuan job of cleaning storage tanks has been reduced to a manageable chore. Cutting edge detergents, solvents, acids, equipment and techniques enable us to shave weeks off the time required to clean most tanks. Thirty years of experience in numerous plants have polished our methods. Submersible robotics are available for use in uninhabitable areas or environments and for removing solids with out completely emptying the vessel or tank. These same robotics can be used to clean sludge from holding ponds and retention basins. Centrifuge and water presses are also available for recovery and disposal cost reduction.


MAINTENANCE - All plants have their trouble areas and eyesores that can be easily eliminated by regularly scheduled maintenance. A schedule of regular cost controlled cleaning maintenance is available through our company maintenance programs. We customize the program to fit your individual needs. Our custom built cleaning equipment can be installed in your unit at the problem area so that your regular maintenance staff will be able to perform the same service we offer on a slightly smaller scale.


FIN FAN COOLERS - There is no longer a reason to have to live with only a portion of the efficiency your fin fan coolers were designed to provide. This equipment naturally collects dirt and grime from the plant environment. Efficiency is lost, corrosion is increased. Production has to be reduced. High pressure washing permanently damages and closes the fins dropping the efficiency further. Our unique combination of non-ionic surfactant and solvent applied at low pressure quickly and efficiently washes away the problem residue with NO DAMAGE to the fins or the fan motor.


RUBBER CLEANUP - In the past, high pressure washing was the only answer to an elastomer or rubber spill from the process work and equipment areas. The hydro blaster came in and blew the problem from the floor, most often to the adjacent walls and equipment. Gauge glasses were sacrificial and forget the insulation and itís covering. We are able to move most of these spills with little or no effect to the surrounding environment. It is accomplished with low pressure and a minimal amount of chemical and labor. The area is left non-sticky.


AREA PREPARATION FOR HOT WORK - Sludge pits, spill areas, and construction sites often have oil, grease, tar, and other hydrocarbons in them, creating hazards and restrictions for obtaining the HOT WORK PERMIT needed to make the necessary repairs. Quick, efficient, and economical cleanup is our specialty.


INSPECTION AND V.I.P. TOURS - It is not unusual for a customer or company V.I.P. to want to tour the production site. Often times house keeping has been set aside for higher priorities. Our services are available around the clock and on short notice.


FIRE CLEANUP - Our solvent and detergent mixtures can be adjusted to remove up to 85% of smoke and heat residue. A minor fire can make an area dark and dangerous to work in. A thorough cleaning can return the effects of paint, aluminum and stainless insulation coverings. The area return to its bright work environment. Hazards and damage become easily detected.


WE ARE NOT HYDRO BLASTERS!   We do not use extremely high pressures. We do not harm painted surfaces unless the paint is dead or improperly applied. We do not ruin insulation gaskets. Our equipment is designed for efficiency and low down time and an economical cost to you.




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