Consulting Service

Ron Niederhofer has over thirty years of industrial problem solving experience in chemical cleaning, cleaning system construction and installation, vegetation control, bare ground sterilization, and selective herbicide programs.

Chemical Cleaning

Production chemicals, their residue, and related process gasses cause the loss of many hours during turn-arounds and shut downs.

Ron Niederhofer is qualified to lead de-con teams through the cleaning and gas-freeing of problem vessels, such as knock-out drums, Gunite lined vessels, towers with packing, pawl rings and or trays. Niederhofer Enterprises, Inc. is capable of custom blending the solutions to your vessel cleaning and gas freeing problems. We are also capable of performing these tasks with our own technicians, if you choose to use our complete service.

Ron Niederhofer will commit the time and effort to aid you in the planning and removal of your toughest gas freeing and cleaning problems.

Cleaning System Construction

A unit that has a naturally messy process system requires a great deal of expense and a large amount of material to keep it safe and workable.

Ron Niederhofer will visit your unit, examine the waste water restrictions and environmental issues connected to the cleaning of the problem area, and design an economical cleaning system that will solve the cleaning difficulties without impacting your waste water system.

Construction and installation of the system is achieved by strict adherence to your plant specifications, regulations and top quality workmanship.

After the equipment is in place he will furnish instruction in equipment and chemical use so that you will realize the full economic and environmental advantages of having a state of the art cleaning system.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation is part of the environment almost anywhere in the world. It provides beauty, a sense of environmental compatibility when used in greenbelt type applications around industrial sites.

Out of control vegetation is an eyesore, a hazard to safe working conditions, a fire hazard and an expense to maintain.

Ron Niederhofer has been a licensed applicator of industrial and agricultural herbicides for over twenty-five years. He has mastered the art of vegetation control in plants, tank farms throw-down areas, expansion areas and reducing the cost of maintaining these areas so that a minimum of a company’s budget is put out on mowing and other forms of vegetation control.

Ron Niederhofer will instruct your personnel or install Niederhofer applicators. He will research and direct the use and purchase of the appropriate herbicides. He will direct and assist you in the purchase of the appropriate application and maintenance equipment, or purchase and place equipment for Niederhofer technicians to maintain your vegetation control program.