Niederhofer Enterprises, Inc
Portable Drum Crusher


The Niederhofer Portable Drum Crusher is designed to answer compliance and safety rules imposed by state, federal, and vendor disposal rules on empty drums. It offers a safe, efficient answer to your facilities drum and can disposal problems.

The crusher will crush fifty-five, thirty, and five gallon drums and cans.

Our crew arrives at your site, washes the drums to your waste water facility and crushes the drum so that it may be sold as scrap. The sale of the metal scrap will help defray the cost of disposal.

This machine is mounted on a sixteen-foot lowboy trailer. The compressor is diesel powered and the crushing mechanism is pneumatic. Racks on the side of the rig provide a wash / rinse facility at the crusher. The crusher produces thirteen and one half tons of crushing power, enabling it to crush sixteen and eighteen gauge drums and cans. Cycle time on sixteen gauge and thinner fifty-five gallon drums is less than a minute. The crusher has built in safety features to prevent operator and by-stander injury. They include complete enclosure pressure relief valve, and door safety switch that prevent operation when the door is ajar or open.