Niederhofer Enterprises, Inc
Industrial Services Division


NIEDERHOFER ENTERPRISES, INC....has an area cleaning system that can clean more area with fewer man-hours spent than any other industrial care company in the business. Inspections, general cleanup, V.I.P. tours, turnaround preparations, and post turnaround cleaning becomes a quick, affordable process when we address your cleaning problems.

NIEDERHOFER ENTERPRISES, INC....handles massive spills involving racks, Ladders, platforms, storage tanks, streets, vehicles, towers, and other areas commonly contaminated by blowouts and failures.

Our biodegradable chemicals do not harm properly finished surfaces or most waste water systems.

NIEDERHOFER ENTERPRISES, INC.... has proven success in removing hydrogen sulfide, benzene, toluene and ammonia from vessels in areas that puzzle the largest industrial cleaners.

We have taken problem vessels and entire units before they are opened and removed all traces of problem gasses. The use of a specially prepared detergent allows the dumping of the waste from this process directly to most waste water treatment facilities. Knock out drums, gunite lined vessels, phenol towers, and other problem vessels are our specialties.