A number of years ago the waste water of crowded plants with limited treatment facilities began to be a source of many problems for plant management. Excessive penalties for contaminated discharge of this waste water and its impact on the environment began to curtail and limit cleaning activities and procedures for spills, safety factors turnarounds.

After the loss of several good customers due to their inability to continue cleaning on a day to day basis because of their wastewater factors Niederhofer Enterprises, inc. decided that it would be prudent to alleviate as much of this problem as possible. They designed and built a new cleaning system. Minor changes in procedures and chemicals have allowed Niederhofer to be able to resume cleaning in these plants at the same high standard as before.

This new system was built to recover wastewater from cleaning projects, remove the hydrocarbons and reuse the water in further cleaning. It has worked marvelously. It has lowered the water usage on a cleaning project by over seventy percent by allowing it to be used over and over. Most of the hydrocarbons are removed to separate holding for return to the owner and the water is usually acceptable for plant oily water sewer discharge.  

This new portable cleaning system allows niederhofer to work with the environment, process, and maintenance personnel in a factory to provide a clean safe workplace with little or no impact on the waste water treatment facilities on the customer.